Ahmed Moustafa, calligraphist : Bio-profile

Born 1943 in Alexandria, Egypt; B.A.(1966) in Fine Arts, Alexandria University; M.A.(1978) from the Central School of Art and Design, London; Ph.D. (1989) : provides a scientifc point of reference for a rational understanding and reasoned appreciation of Islamic art in general and Arabic pensmanship in particular.

Exhibitions: several including those in the U.K., France, U.A.E., Switzerland. Museum collections of his works are in St Mungo Museum,Glasgow; The British Museum; The Ashmolean Museum, Oxford; the Museum of Modern Arts, Alexandria. Many of his works are in private collections in the U.K., France, Germany, Switzerland, the Netherlands, Egypt, the USA and Australia.

The Itinerary in India

*9-18 February*: mainly to visit and hold lectures and a training camp in the village of Chitravad in Saurashtra to train craftspersons and housewives engaged in the craft of designing tapestries using glassbeads.

The programme is being co-ordinated for the Council by Ms Shamim M Padamsee of the Ismailia Helping Society.

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