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Kavita Dwibedi

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" Kavita has matured by leaps and bounds.... "
Hindustan Times

" She depicts the emotions of languishing Nayika so well.... "
Times of India

" Her name is Kavita and she writes poetry in her every gesture... "
Indian Express

" Kavita brought visual delight to the audience with the perfect use of her expressive eyes and rhythmic body movements.... "
News India Times, New York

" Kavita is technically perfect in almost all the aspects of Odissi Style. "

" She seems to have that alchemy which communicates without loudness or over played exuberance... "
Leela Venkatraman

" A winning combination of total elegance, subtle eye movement and a sinuous grace that seeps through. "
K.S. Mahadevan

" She has an appealing , alluring softness verging on sensuousness... "
Ashish Khokar

" One never witnesses the dance wilting even for a moment either in her pace or the precision of her Bhangis or the lyricism of her line of movements or the minute details of her mudras. "
Nand Kumar Mudgal

" Of all the Guru- daughters ....the one who would walk off with a crown for sheer Ananda–creating dance would be Kavita Dwibedi, daughter of Guru Hare Krishna Behera. "
Shanta Serbjeet Singh

" No doubt Kavita Dwibedi is one of the most successful young danseuses of Odissi style. Each part of her dance is so neatly executed that one gets completely moved and overwhelmed. "
Ravindra Mishra

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