Penaz Masani

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Penaz Masani - Quotes

"To her the next goal is the next song that she will sing. Nothing else matters"
Body & Beauty Care

"Penaz mesmerizes with her sonorous voice"

"She had sung a Surdas bhajan and most people had confessed to feeling almost devotional upon hearing it"
Malavika Kamaraju, Society

"Her singing was a revelation ....immensely more beautiful than the woman"
Kishore Chatterjee, Sunday Statesman

"Raving beauty.....haunting ghazals
Mridula Bhaseen, Rajasthan Patrika

"Penaz is definitely a name to reckon with among today's ghazal singers"
Rupa Shah, Eve's weekly

"The audience was sceptical : what had this young woman to offer? But from the moment Penaz Masani opened her mouth to sing, the audience was kept spellbound.
Hemangi Parikh, Khaleej Times, UAE

"A pure voice as pure as nectar and a rendering as fresh as April blossoms…."
Dr M.A. Menon, Times Of India, Ahmedabad

"They call her the Enchantress….Penaz is a breath of fresh air to the world of ghazals."
The Indian Down Under, Australia

"She has a husky, sensual voice as pure as nectar….a sort of sweet intoxication which liberates the mind from day to day drudgery."
The Indian Express Weekly, Auckland

"She was like a fresh infusion of culture, a renewed link with the cultural heritage of India"
Asha Lakhan, Weekend, New Zealand

"She carried her audience through a varied repertoire of ghazals traditional and modern"
Fiji Weekend Entertainment

"She uses a hypnotic seductive smile and her whole bosy I the interpretation of a song….She was simply enchanting."
The Indian Down Under, Melbourne

"Melodious Masani is memorable."
Guyana Chronical Georgetown.

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