The Group



Imphal, Manipur

        This Academy was started in April 1954 at the initiative of India's first Prime Minister, Pandit Jawaharial Nehru, who called Manipur the "Jewel of India".
        This National Institution, the first of its kind in India for imparting authentic training in Manipuri Dance, Music and Tribal Dances of the region, is now a constituent unit of the Sangeet Natak Akademi, New Delhi.
        Apart from conducting three courses of training upto Post Graduate Diploma Course level, the Academy also maintains a Production Unit. The artistes of this Unit, along with the promising students of the Academy, have produced several dance-dramas and given numerous presentations of Manipuri Dance, Music and Tribal Dances in India and abroad.


The Region

Manipur, which literally means the land of jewels, is situated in the northeastern frontier corner of the Indian subcontinent. The picturesque valley, about 2,500 ft. above sealevel, is encircled by nine rows of mountains. Some of nature's splendor of creation is vividly visible in this exotic corner of the globe.
There are distinctly six seasons in Manipur unfolding nature's wonderful multi-faceted skills. The fragrant seasoned flowers and various other forms of life are unique in this distant corner of the Earth. The famous 108- petaled lotus flower (white and pink varieties) and the Siroi lily which blooms on the mountain tops of Manipur are singular products of creation, existing nowhere else in the world. Loktak lake, the greatest lake in North Eastern India, is in the valley of Manipur and in its middle lies the only floating park in the world, Keibui-lamjao. Here the rare brow- antlered deer makes its habitat.

The State's 8,000 sq. mile area is about one-third valley and two-thirds mountainous region. The population is 1.7 million with about 10% of the population living in the hills. .
The culture of the people of Manipur is as colorful as the beauty of the land itself and manifests the native self reliance of the Manipuri character.