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Choreographic Works - On Women's Issues

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1. Mother-child relationship "Yashoda’s Soliloquy" (by Dr.Sitakant Mohapatra), 2000
2. On the problems of a girl child "Mujhe bhi to jeene do", 1998
3. Man-Woman relationship "Yudhishtar and Draupadi" (by Pavan K.Varma), 1997
4. Vulnerability of a woman "Avadhi ka Antim Din" (based on the Ramayana), 1997
5. Vulnerability of a woman and attitude of men "Shanka-Lobh-Mamta", 1997
6. On incest, child rape "Toota Yeh Vishwas Kyon" (lyrics by Rajendra Awasthy), 1996
7. Divine experience of a prostitute "Padmavati" (based on a short story by Kamla Das),1996
  1. On irrational anger and vulnerability of a woman
  2. On the position of eunuchs i.e. ‘hijras’ in society today
"Anuttar" , based on incidents in the life of Shiva and Parvati, 1996
9. Anguish of a courtesan "Khwahishen", 1994
10. On pride and arrogance of beauty "Pralaya ki Chhaya" (poem by Jai Shankar Prasad), 1991
11. Consequence of envy "Raktamalin Matsarya" (only through music), 1990
12. Patriotism and enlightenment of a woman "Hadi Rani" (Rajasthani tale), 1984
13. Sacrifice of a woman "Yashodhara" (poem by Maithili Sharan Gupta), 1981

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Choreographic Works - On Other Social Issues

1. On social issues, valour and courage "Satya ki Khoj" – based on the works of Guru Gobind Singh
3. On issues relating to partition "Sanmati" 1998-1999 - based on Mahatma Gandhi’s experiences
4. On Woman’s issues "Raah de Radhe" 1997 – based on lyrics of thirteen women saint poets of the country
5. Film on an incident in the life of Ramana Maharshi "Moksha in Madurai" with Dr.Ramchandra Gandhi, 1997
6. Ode to Benares "Charagh-e-dair" (poem by Mirza Ghalib),1997
7. On incidents in the life of Ramana Maharshi "Unmasking of Death" with Dr.Ramchandra Gandhi, 1996
8. On incidents in the life of Swami Vivekanand "The Temptation of Vivekanand" with Dr.Ramchandra Gandhi, 1995
9. On incidents in the life of Mahatma Gandhi "Mohan and Rambha" with Dr.Ramchandra Gandhi, 1994
10. Social issues – conflicts between evil and good, peace and harmony "The Dawn After" – Spanish Flamenco, Ballet and Kathak 1994
11. On the philosophy of the cycle of life "Mera Safar" (poem by Ali Sardar Jafri), 1994
12. On courage "Khag Udte Rehna Jeevan Bhar" (poem by Gopal Das Neeraj), 1993
13 On an incident in the life of Ramakrishna Parahamsa about ego "The Sadhu and the Sage" with lyrics and English narration by philosopher, Dr.Ramchandra Gandhi, 1993
14. On ego and pride "The Clown of Assisi" with Dr.Ramchandra Gandhi, 1993
15. On the present situation "Darpan" (poem by Ramdhari Singh Dinkar), 1992
16. On the sentiments of a freedom fighter "Bidrohi" (poem by Kazi Nazrul Islam), 1980 & 1991
17. On Human Rights "Muktilekha" ballet, 1987
18. On approaching death "Der Tod und das Maedchen" (composed by Schubert),1987
19. Awaiting the beloved , the motherland "Cachusha" (a Russian song), 1987
20. On the transient nature of life "Omar Khayyam" (based on his rubaiyats), 1986
21. On environment and casteism "Dishantar" ballet for TFAI, 1982
22. On the different ‘prahars’ of the night "Yama", 1981
23. On attitudes in Spring "Umang", 1980

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Choreographic Works - Other Special Works & International Collaborations

1. "Classical Dances of India" (a special choreography on the occasion of the Republic Day Special Programme by GOI at the National Stadium) 2000
2. "Jago Maheshwara" (an essay in courage; special choreography for Bravery Award function) 2000
3. "A Woman in Love" (special choreography on classical works of 15-16th century poets of Bihar, folk songs with a replication of costumes of 3rd century BC) 2000
4. Millenium Ecstasy (a Millenium special telecast globally on television by all the TV channels of the world) 1999/ 2000
5. "Samvedana" ( special choreography on Kargil war martyrs) 1999
6. Soliloquy on "Shakuntala" 1996
7. "The Dawn After" (Kathak, Spanish Flamenco and Ballet ) 1994
8. Kathak – Tap Dance (duet) 1994
9. "Der Tod und das Maedchen" (by Schubert) 1987
10. Kathak- western Classical Ballet (duet) 1987
11. Kathak to Western Classical Music Composers 1980, 1982, 1987, 1993

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1. "Dance of the Temples" (English) 1999 (dance film on Khajuraho)
2. "Moksha in Madurai" (English) 1997(dance film)
3. "Akbar’s Bridge" (Hindi) 1995 (tele film)
4. "Das Geheimnis des Indisches Tanz" (German), 1987 (ORF)

Shovana was also featured in films on overviews of Indian classical dances made by Robert Gottlieb and by Anita Pratap for ICCR, amongst others.

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(Lotus Collection series, Roli Books Pvt .Ltd, M-75, GK-II Market, New Delhi 110048)
ISBN: 81-7436-049-2

Kathak: Rhythmic Echoes and Reflections provides a glimpse into little known facts connected with Kathak, the classical dance form of the Indo-Gangetic belt. Historically, this belt, originator of Hinduistic philosophy, has been known for its rich cultural legacy for the last many thousands of years. The religious philosophy and culture of the sub-continent which developed from various interactions, is in itself a beautiful synthesis of inter-cultural influences. This is amply reflected in the cultural traditions and in Kathak. The social and political impact of the changing scenarios have formed part of the study. An effort was also made to study the dance danced by the dancers as recorded in the Buddhist and Jain canons. It is also, perhaps, the first serious study of the sculptures right from the Mauryan period as well as of paintings of the region in order to comprehend the logic behind the continuity of the form and stance employed in the dance.

While encompassing a detailed essay on the historical development of the dance form and its technical aspects, both 'nritta' and 'abhinaya', a study of the 'devadasi' system in the area, origin of the terminologies employed in the dance and its relations with the prevailing social conditions and philosophical attitudes, the repertoire and presentations employed within the dance form, are all mirrored in this book on Kathak.

(Publications Division, Ministry of I&B, Govt of India, Patiala House, New Delhi 110001)
ISBN: 81-230-0699-3

An attempt has been made in this book to trace the development of classical dance in Bihar from the Mauryan and Gupta periods, known for patronage to fine arts, learning, administration and polity right up to the present age. It provides a detailed study on the dance scenario, hand gestures, postures and costumes utilised by the dancers of the area. It also, for the first time, documents the list of patrons and prominent artistes in the last 150 years.

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Works on Poems of Various Poets

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