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In New Delhi

February-March-April 2000


Friday 10 : Tagore Hall, ICCR : Horizon : Hindustani Vocal Recital : Prakash Sangeet

Holding a doctorate in music, Prakash Sangeet has been trained under the tutelage of his father, Late Shri Balabhau Umedkar "Kundalguru", who was a court vocalist in the erstwhile state of Gwalior

Tuesday 14 : Kamani Auditorium : "At the Edge": Theatre from South Africa:

The play, written and directed by Ronnie Govender, is being presented in collaboration with the National School of Drama

Friday 17: Residence of the Foreign Secretary : Kathak performance by Aditi Mangaldas and accompanying artistes : in celebration of Eid and Holi festivals

Saturday 18 : Tagore Hall, ICCR : Retrospectives : Santoor concert by Maestro Bhajan Sopori:

Pt Bhajan Sopori, hailing from the Soofiana gharana, has been a pioneer in developing the santoor as a complete solo and concert instrument

Tuesday 21: Rashtrapati Bhavan: Kuchipudi recital by Mallika Sarabhai: after the Banquet hosted by the President of the Republic of India in honour of the visiting President of the United States of America, H.E.Mr. William J Clinton

Wednesday 22 : Kamani Auditorium : Aeschylus' "Prometheus Bound": Theatre from Greece:

This ancient Greek tragedy is being presented in collaboration with the National School of Drama. The language of the play is Greek : with brief narration in English

Friday 24 : MMB Lawns : Jazz concert "Space of Colours" by Tunji Beier from Germany

The music of "Space of Colours" is a unique blend of elements of jazz, classical Indian music, based on the compositions of Volker Jaekel. Presented in collaboration with Max Mueller Bhavan


Thursday 6: Kamani Auditorium: Symphony Orchestra from Hungary

Friday 7 to Tuesday 11 : Ajanta Gallery, ICCR : Works of an artist from Hungary

Thursday 13 : Residence of the Vice-President of India/ President, ICCR : Folklore of India

Friday 14: Tagore Hall, ICCR : Retrospectives : Folklore of India

Friday 21 : Tagore Hall, ICCR : Horizon : Sitar recital; Hindustani vocal recital

Tuesday 25 : Tagore Hall, ICCR : Music from Tunisia

Wednesday 26: Tagore Hall, ICCR : Retrospectives : Hindustani vocal : Madhup Mudgal

Thursday 27: Tagore Hall, ICCR : Retrospectives : Kathak: Pt Birju Maharaj




>Contemporary Graphic Prints in Venezuela

> Photographs: "My Land My People" in Kenya

> Cartoons Exhibition in Sri Lanka

> Madhubani Paintings in the Seychelles

> Installation of bust of Guru Rabindranath Tagore in the Czech Republic

> Installation of bust of Mahatma Gandhi in Canada

> Installation of busts of Mahatma Gandhi & Kasturba Gandhi in the U.S.A.



> Folklore group "Lokchanda" to Mauritius, Reunion Islands, Lesotho & South Africa

> Bharatanatyam : Jayalakshmi Eshwar : to South-East Asia

> Kathakali " International Centre for Kathakali : to Latin America

> Hindustani Vical : Ashwini Bhide : to the USA