Indian Council for Cultural Relations: January 1998

Indian Council for Cultural Relations

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January 1998

Spur of the Month:

What garlic is to food, insanity is to art : a little helps.

Events in New Delhi

Events in other cities

Events abroad

Distinguished Visitors Programme

The Council's Distinguished Visitors during the month included : Mr Arif Melikov (composer) from Azerbaijan, Mr Jean-Pierre Ramphal (music maestro) from France, Dr Thomas Venter (Africa Institute) and Prof Brenda Gourley (V-C, University of Natal) from South Africa, Dr Saman Kelegama (Institute of Policy Studies) from Sri Lanka, Dr Abduraimov Hottam (Kamolot) from Uzbekistan and Prof Samuel Huntington (Harvard University) from the USA.

Distinguished scholars assisted by the Council to travel abroad during the month included Ms Anjolie Ela Menon (exhibition in Hong Kong), Mr Vasant Choudhury (symposium in Myanmar) and Dr AM Khusro (lecture tour in Uzbekistan).

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