Meera Das

Meera has been receiving rare reviews from discerning critics and admiration from audiences for her authentic renderings of the great Indian classical dance - ODISSI.

Starting early in life, Meera had taken to dance and music rather instinctively. As a child-artiste, while she excelled in bandha Nrutya-- a folk dance form involving acrobatic movements-- under the tutelage of Guru Gangadhar Nayak, it was the love of music that brought Meera to the Odissi Research Centre.

The intrinsic talents of Meera flourished under the great masters like Padmabhusan Kelucharan Mohapatra and Guru Gangadhar Pradhan. Soon Meera joined the chosen few of the Odissi repertoire company of the Odissi Research Centre to perform in many prestigious programmes throughout the country.

Sponsored by the Indian Council for Cultural Relations [ICCR], Meera has performed in North Korea in 1990 and in Germany during the Indian Festival 1992. She has also performed in Indonesia in the Festival of Kalinga Bali Yatra 1993.

Now a distinguished name in the reference panel of artistes of ICCR, and also as a dance executive of the Odissi Research Centre, Meera is fully dedicated to her cultural mission. She is imparting advanced level training to groups of students while presenting Odissi recitals -- solo as well as with her troupe-- in India and abroad.

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