Deepa Ranganath
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Deepa Ranganath


At a well attended concert at India International Centre, she revealed a chest voice with a powerful forward enunciation. You found to your surprise and pleasure that she has a Surmandal in her voice. Deepa went into one of the finest examples in recent times that I have heard, from one so young, of Swara Bhedas. Deepa Ranganth has her path cut out for. Very few will doubt that she can make it.
- The Hindustan Times, New Delhi, 1999

This young vocalist is bound to reach the high pedestal in Indian Classical Music in the near future.
- Bhartiya Vidya Bhavan' Journal, September, 1997

Singing for the second time in the academy on Dec 24 (she bagged an award for her first concert itself), Delhi based Deepa Ranganath sang with supreme confidence and proved that she was constantly improving her art and was destined to become a noted vocalist.
- Indian Express, Chennai, 8-1-95

Deepa Ranganath is a no-nonsense singer. She sang low-key and was provocatively accurate to the Gharana's definitions of music. This new shishya may make a distinctively contribution to the Gharana's future.
- Times of India, New Delhi, 15-11-94